New commcercial electronic air purifier will be exported to the North America market


Following the successful international sale of TX300 and TX400 electronic air purifiers, SOTO has launched another new commercial electronic air purifier-FX601N in the North America.  

The FX601N air purifier is a certified medical air purifier and one of the most advanced commercial air purifiers on the market. The simple design of the top air outlet minimizes air turbulence and noise commonly associated with filtration, allowing us to maximize the air flow to achieve superior air cleaning efficiency. The air purifier is incorporated with multiple air cleaning technologies, including electronic cell, activated carbon filter, as well as an UV-photo catalytic air purification module. The pollutant monitoring system constantly detects the air pollutant in the air and regulates the working status of the unit. Field studies and tests done by our scientists and distributers showed that the performance of FX601N air purifier met the design expectation in real hospital and clinic settings. The FX601N has trendy appearance and fits well with contemporary hospital setting.