All metal built with comprehensive functionThe all metal housing FX2000 unit is an electronic air purifier with very powerful air cleaning capability.

All metal built with comprehensive function

The all metal housing FX2000 unit is an electronic air purifier with very powerful air cleaning capability.

The all metal housing FX2000 is a reliable electronic air purifier features multi-stage air purification process, including 2 washable and reusable 2-stage electronic cells, activated carbon filter and UV-photo catalytic system that eliminates particles, toxic gases and various microorganisms in the air.

The power supply of the unit is self-regulating to maintain peak efficiency to accommodate a wide range of cell dirt loading conditions.

The product is ideal for commercial, medical or industrial environment because it offers complete protection and does not generate any chemical odors by utilizing none chemical substances nor plastic materials.


Dual big size two-stage electronic cells

The unit utilizes 2 pieces of big size two-stage electronic cells and it greatly increases the capability of capturing the fine particles. The cells are washable and reusable and save the cost comparing with disposable air filters.


Perfect CHECK alarm system

The unit equips with 2 programmable power supplies. They constantly monitor the working status of the electronic cell and the unit CHECK light will beep and flash when there is a problem.


Powerful UV light-photo catalytic system

The unit uses 2x24W UV bulbs to kill the microorganisms immediately and decompose many kinds of organic compounds by photo catalytic filter.


    Product description

1. The washable metal mesh pre-filter captures large particles to contribute the other filters longer filter lifetime.

2. The electronic cell discloses a negative charge to particles that pass through the unit and collects them on opposite charged metal plates. The electronic cell can capture particles down to a size of 0.01 micron. It is easy to clean and need low maintenance.

3. The activated carbon filter locks in chemicals and odors. It will continue working for many months before replacement.

4. UV-C light can destroy airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and viruses.

5. Photo catalyst can effectively reduce odors and restrain the activity of microorganisms. The use of photo catalyst is permanent and does not need replacement.

6. The negative ion generator releases the high concentration level of negative ions to make the air more pure and fresh.


The name ozone is derived from the Greek word ozein, meaning "to smell or reek." The smell of ozone can often be noticed near electrical transformers or nearby lightning strikes. It is formed in these instances when an electrical discharge breaks an oxygen molecule (O2) into free oxygen atoms (O), which then combine with O2in the air to make O3. The ozone is a chemically reactive oxidizing agent that is used as an air purifier, a water sterilizer, and a bleaching agent. Chemically, the ozone molecule consists of three atoms of oxygen arranged in the shape of a wide V. Its formula is O3.

The ozone gas molecule O3 is unstable allowing it to readily decay into O2 thereby releasing a single oxygen atom that is highly reactive. When the ozone comes into contact with an odor or a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) an oxygen atom splits off from the ozone molecule and reacts with the odor or VOC, oxidizing it into harmless and non-odorous substances that are predominantly CO2 and H2O. When the ozone comes into contact with a bacteria or a virus, the oxygen reacts with the cell membrane. Initially the ozone attacks the glycoproteins, glycolipids and certain amino acids such as tryptophan in the bacterial membrane. Bacterial death is rapid and is often attributed to changes in the cell permeability followed by cell lysis.