Medical grade commercial air purifierThe FX601 air purifier is a medical and hospital grade air purifier.The FX601 air purifier is a medical and hospital grade air purifier. The FX601 air purifier is

Medical grade commercial air purifier

The FX601 air purifier is a medical and hospital grade air purifier.

The FX601 air purifier is a medical and hospital grade air purifier. The FX601 air purifier is one of the most advanced commercial air purifiers on the market. The air purifier utilizes multi-stage of air cleaning technologies including electronic cell, activated carbon filter as well as an UV-photo catalytic air purification system.

Smart alarm system constantly monitoring electrostatic system working status and send out alarm when abnormal. The pollutant monitoring system monitors and displays the status of the air quality continuously.

It is ideal for commercial, medical or industrial environment. Clinical research study shows that the 601F air purifier has excellent performance in real hospital and clinic environment to clean and sterilize indoor air. It is given a good reputation by medical staffs.


Advanced two-stage electronic cell

The two-stage electronic cell can capture tiny particle down to 0.3 microns. Because of its inherently open design the electronic cell creates a low pressure drop that greatly minimizes fan horse power and it translates into energy savings compare to other types of air cleaning systems. The cell is washable and reusable and saves the operational cost compare to disposable air filters.


Intelligent CHECK alarm system


The unit uses the patent power supply that allows the unit CHECK light beep and flash when there is a problem in the cell of particle collecting system. It is the important factor for an electronic air purifier.


UV light-photo catalytic chamber

The unit equips with a unique UV light-photo catalytic chamber which can massively destroy all kinds of microorganisms and decompose organic compounds effectively.


Color display panel


The color LED display panel shows the working status of unit. The odor sensor constantly monitors and displays the indoor air quality in a bar graph. Real time status on the display panel indicates the dynamic concentration level of the contaminants in the room air.


    Product description

  • 1. The washable metal mesh pre-filter captures large particles to contribute the other filters longer filter lifetime.

  • 2. The electronic cell discloses a negative charge to particles that pass through the unit and collects them on opposite charged metal plates. The electronic cell can capture particles down to a size of 0.01 micron. It is easy to clean and need low maintenance.

  • 3. The activated carbon filter locks in chemicals and odors. It will continue working for many months before replacement.

  • 4. UV-C light can destroy airborne microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and viruses.

  • 5. Photo catalyst can effectively reduce odors and restrain the activity of microorganisms. The use of photo catalyst is permanent and does not need replacement.

  • 6. The negative ion generator releases the high concentration level of negative ions to make the air more pure and fresh.

Photo catalytic filter


When UV light shines on the titanium dioxide electrons are released at its surface. It's the electrons that do the useful work for us.

The electrons interact with water molecules (H2O) in the air, breaking them down into hydroxyl radicals (OH•) which are highly reactive, short-lived and uncharged forms of hydroxide ions (OH−). These small, agile hydroxyl radicals then attack bigger organic pollutant molecules, breaking apart their chemical bonds and turning them into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water. This is an example of oxidation—and that's why air purifiers that work this way are sometimes also described as PCO (photo catalytic oxidation) air cleaners.

The big advantage that photo catalytic air purifiers have over other air-cleaning technologies such as filters: instead of simply trapping pollutants it completely transforms the harmful chemicals and effectively destroys them.