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  • iSense2X

    Remove smog and formaldehyde and sanitize the air

    ISENSE 2X is designed with a 360° stepwise air intake and equipped with an innovated powerful air compression system. Although compact in size, it has an extraordinary purification capacity, marked by particulate CADR 582 m³/h and formaldehyde CADR 216 m³/h.

  • Sunflower

    Desktop air purifier for home and car

    A large 120 mm DC fan ensures high volume airflow. The well-designed air path and accurate aerodynamic justification significantly increase the purification speed and reduce the noise.

  • Hemisphere

    Large 2.8 inch screen /16-hour battery run-time

    The hemisphere PM2.5 monitor is equipped with a highly sensitive laser sensor, which rapidly and accurately detects particulates as small as 1 micrometer.

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